Back-to-College Parents, Why and How You Should Safeguard Your College Kids NOW!

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Back-to-College parents, secure peace of mind for your young adult with our exclusive College Kids' Plan! 📚✨ 


Greetings, parents and soon-to-be adults! 🎉🔞 As your child approaches the significant milestone of turning 18, there's more to consider than just independence and new adventures. 🚀 One crucial aspect that often gets overlooked during this transition is ensuring that your child's healthcare decisions are protected. The moment they reach 18, you no longer have the authority to make medical decisions for them. 🏥❌ However, fret not! Estate Armor has a smart solution for you to secure your child's healthcare decisions and provide peace of mind during their journey into adulthood. 🧠✅

The Importance of Legal Protection for Young Adults

At 18, your child becomes an adult in the eyes of the law. This newfound independence comes with both rights and responsibilities, and one critical aspect that parents need to address is the legal protection of their child's healthcare decisions. Before turning 18, parents are usually the ones authorized to make medical decisions on behalf of their children. However, once they reach adulthood, medical privacy laws such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) come into play, preventing parents from accessing their adult child's medical information without explicit consent. Lack of proper legal documents can lead to complications in emergency situations and create barriers to essential medical decisions. 🏥❌

Every 18-year-old needs (at least) a Health Care Proxy and a HIPAA Waiver. With these two powerful tools, you ensure that the right people have access to medical information and decision-making power if the need arises.

A. Health Care Directive: A Health Care Directive outlines your child's medical preferences and treatment choices in the event they cannot communicate their wishes. For example, imagine a scenario where your child's health is at risk, and he/she is unable to communicate. Having a Health Care Directive for your child, naming you or another adult as their agent, will help healthcare providers know how to administer care that aligns with your and your child's values and preferences. The decisions can vary from the kind of treatment received to organ donation preferences.

We encourage you and your young adult to discuss the medical preferences, making sure their choices are clear and well-communicated. Do you need legal documents to make these decisions official? We got your back! Our Back to College Care Package is designed to help you with legal documents.

B. HIPAA Authorization: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Authorization grants specific individuals access to your child's medical information, ensuring that privacy laws are adhered to while allowing necessary medical communication. For example, in the event of a medical crisis, this document ensures that you and other designated persons can receive important updates about your child's condition.

We strongly encourage open communication between you and your young adult regarding their medical preferences, ensuring that their choices are well-defined and effectively communicated. Need to formalize these decisions with legal documents? No worries! Our Back to College Care Package is specifically designed to assist you in obtaining the necessary legal paperwork.


As your child embarks on their college journey, let the Estate Armor's College Kids' Care Plan Package be your safety net. Our College Care Plan includes Health Care Directive, HIPPA Authorization, and many more necessary legal documents. By having these essential documents in place, you can rest assured that their well-being is protected and their interests are secured in any unforeseen circumstances. Having open and supportive conversations about these documents will strengthen your relationship and empower your child to take charge of their future with confidence. Get started with the College Kids' Care Plan Package today, and let Estate Armor provide you and your child with peace of mind. Happy studying!

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